2017. július 13., csütörtök

This website has moved!

I am happy to announce that I have successfully set up the new Greenfish Software Official Website. New releases will be posted on greenfishsoftware.org from now on.

I would like to thank all my users who have made this possible! :)

2017. április 6., csütörtök

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro on Linux

We are happy to announce that, from version 3.6, Greenfish Icon Editor Pro officially supports Linux systems (currently 64-bit only). Navigate to the download page of GFIE Pro to access the new version!
Bug reports are always welcome, especially considering that this is the very first release of GFIE on Linux.

2016. március 15., kedd

Greenfish Relief Map Generator source code

We decided to publish the source code of Greenfish Relief Map Generator. You may download it by clicking on the link below. Use the source code according to the terms of the zlib license.

Note: You may want to uncheck "Download with Secured Download manager".

2013. július 6., szombat

GFIE goes open source!

The source code of Greenfish Icon Editor Pro has been released under the GNU General Public License version 3. The major advantages of this move are:
  • Bugs can be found more easily. If GFIE crashes, you can use the Lazarus IDE to debug the source code.
  • Everyone can compile GFIE to their favorite operation system.
  • Further versions of GFIE will be able to benefit from GPL-licensed libraries.
After installation, the source code can be found in the program folder in the src.7z archive.

The installer detects OS version and installs the suitable (Win32 or Win64) binary automatically. The portable package contains both Win32 and Win64 binaries.

2013. július 1., hétfő

Help by translating!

If the translation of Greenfish Icon Editor Pro to your language is missing, incomplete or has errors, you may send us a new or improved translation using the link below.

Your updates will be published in the next version of Greenfish Icon Editor Pro. Thank you in advance for your valuable contribution!

2012. július 24., kedd

Greenfish Relief Map Generator 1.4

Greenfish Relief Map Generator generates random images which resemble real relief maps. The randomized maps contain settlements, hills, plains, lakes and seasides. The program can generate random, fictious town names, or pick them randomly from a provided text file. The generated images are public domain and can be used anywhere.

Version: 1.4, Checksum (MD5): 29c7b394e5be5a36da6fffebc4b45bf6

Greenfish Subtitle Player 1.1

Greenfish Subtitle Player plays .SRT files in a partially transparent window which can be laid over a video player. For instance, it enables you to watch online streaming videos with subtitles. Rewind and Fast Forward buttons allow you to easily synchronize subtitles with video. Greenfish Subtitle Player is cross-platform (works fine on Windows, Linux and Mac), but you will need to have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or Mono installed.

Version: 1.1, Checksum (MD5): fec2583bc27a83f1ca779784305e5b56